About Us

AYEN is a youth led organisation that aims to address sytemic environmental and social issues in Africa. Our goal is to accomplish this by connecting passionate and dedicated individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to affect meaningful and informed change. Composed of a network of youth environmentalists, mentors, and conservation enthusiasts, AYEN works to create a sustainable and prosperous Africa of tomorrow by developing the youth of today.

Founded in 2024, on the margins of UNEA- 6, AYEN is an Alliance for Science initiative created in part to honor their new partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme to address the triple planetary crisis.

Why Join Us

Elevate your impact with AYEN. Join a community empowering African youth to lead in environmental sustainability. Gain access to mentorship, educational programs, and hands-on initiatives. By joining us, you contribute to shaping a sustainable Africa while developing your skills and making a real difference. Join AYEN and be part of a movement creating a brighter, greener tomorrow.

AYEN in Action

AYEN aims to join the ranks of the many youth networks that are helping to address systemic environmental and social issues in Africa. The first step in doing so is building a membership base of talented and dedicated youth environmentalists, supported by a group of experienced mentors. These members will make up the core group of AYEN and will act as the frontline of AYEN initiatives.

This core group will be joined by youth members of varied professional backgrounds, interested in environmentalism, that can engage with AYEN to share knowledge and skills while working together to implement sustainable initiatives. Surrounding these direct AYEN members will be any individuals interested in the AYEN mission who would like to get involved in one capacity or another. These ‘sprout’ members will get access to AYEN’s weekly newsletters, be a part of the forum discussions, get invited to events, and have the opportunity to interact with more experienced people on the network.



It is thanks to the trust and generosity of our partners that the Africa Youth Environmentalist Network stands today. AYEN is hosted by the Alliance for Science as part of their commitment to increasing youth engagement in combatting the triple planetary crisis.